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Our Mandate

To provide and prudently manage comprehensive and accessible health service with special emphasis on primary health care at regional, district and sub-district levels in accordance with approved national policies

Our Vision

All communities having access to timely, quality and comprehensive health care

Our Motto

Your health our concern

Our Core Values


  • Professionalism

  • Team work

  • Integrity

  • Discipline

  • Excellence

  • People-centred




The objects of the Service are to:

  • Implement approved national policies for health delivery in the country.

  • Increase access to good quality health services, and

  • Manage prudently resources available for the provision of the health services.



Functions of the Service

  • Ensuring access to health services at the community, sub-district, district and regional levels by providing health services or contracting out service provision to other recognized health care providers

  • Setting technical guidelines to achieve policy standards set by MOH

  • Planning, organizing and administering comprehensive health services with special emphasis on primary healthcare

  • Developing mechanisms for the equitable distribution of health facilities in rural and urban districts

  • Managing and administering health institutions within the Service

  • Contracting with teaching hospitals for the treatment of referred patients

  • Promoting health, mode of healthy living and good health habits by people

  • Establishing effective mechanisms for disease surveillance, disease prevention and control

  • Promoting the efficiency and advancement of health workers through in-service and continuing education

  • Managing the assets and properties of the Service to ensure the most effective use

  • Determining with the approval of the Minister of Health charges for health services rendered by the Service

  • Performing any other function that is relevant to the promotion, protection and restoration of health.

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