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Bia East District Assembly in collaboration with Ghana Enterprises Agency (GEA) organizes training workshop for selected applicants on Ghana Jobs and Skills Project (youStart)

Bia East - BAC

The Ghana Jobs and Skills Project is under the Youstart flagship programme of the Government of Ghana. The project is considered as one of the main forms of support for the government’s top priority agenda of upgrading skills among the country’s population, creating more and better-quality jobs, and improving job outcomes for the youth. The World Bank is providing financing and technical support to the Government of Ghana (GoG) for the implementation of the Ghana Jobs and Skills Project. The Ghana Enterprises Agency (GEA) is implementing Component 2.1 of the Project which has the objective of providing Entrepreneurship Training and Competitive Start-up Grants to youth who have the potential to start a business. The project is geared to train 50,000+ youth between the ages of 18yrs to 40yrs across the country. Training for group 1 applicants began on the 8th of May,2023 and ended on the 12th of May,2023 whiles, training for group 2 applicants also began on the 15th May,2023 and ended on the 19th May,2023.

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