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Bia East District Assembly Inaugurates District Road Safety Committee (DRSC)

General Admin

Management of Bia East District Assembly in collaboration with the National Road Safety Authority has inaugurated the district road safety committee to address the growing concerns surrounding road safety in the district. The committee is made up of various stakeholders including members of the Assembly, police officers, transport unions, and representatives from the National Road Safety Authority. This collaborative effort aims to raise awareness about road safety issues, implement preventive measures, and enforce traffic regulations to reduce road accidents and fatalities in the district. The establishment of the road safety committee by the Assembly also demonstrates a proactive approach towards addressing an important public safety issue. By bringing together various stakeholders with different expertise and perspectives, the committee is well-equipped to develop comprehensive strategies and initiatives to improve road safety in the district. Through regular meetings, assessments, and community engagement, the committee will work towards creating a safer road environment for all residents and visitors in the district. The assembly is committed to promoting public safety and reducing road accidents through the effective coordination and implementation of the road safety committee.

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