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Election of Presiding Member

General Admin

As enshrined in Section 9 Subsection (1) of the District, Municipal and Metropolitan Assemblies Model Standing Orders, that “There shall be a Presiding Member for each District who shall be elected by the members of the District Assembly from among their numbers by at least less a Two-Thirds of all the members of the Assembly’’. Nominations for the position was opened from Wednesday, 7 to Friday 9th February,2024. Hon Asante Nkuah a government appointee and Hon. Peter Doe, the Assembly Member for Asemyinakrom electorate area filed for the position to be elected as the presiding member. After the first round of the elections, Hon. Nana Asante Nkuah had 10 votes and Hon. Doe Peter had 7 votes out of the total 17 votes cast. In compliance with the sanding orders, the elections was held for the second time where Hon. Nana Asante Nkuah had 10 votes and Hon. Doe Peter also had 7 votes of the total votes cast respectively. After two attempts, both Hon. Members could not obtain the required total votes as required by the standing orders. Hence, the meeting was adjourned and would be re-convene on 22nd February,2024 in an attempt to elect a presiding member for the Assembly.

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