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Working visit by the Presiding High Court Judge for Western North Region, H. L. Justice Kwame Amoako

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H. L. Justice Kwame Amoako the Presiding High Court Judge- Judicial Service Western North and Mr. Francis N. Yeboah the administrator for Judicial Service Western North on 20th July, 2023 visited the Bia East District. The purpose was to inspect the newly constructed court for Adabokrom and the bungalow for the Magistrate. Among the inspection team were the Assistant Director I, the District Planning Officer, the Internal Auditor, the District Finance Officer, Social Welfare and Community Development Officer, and Assistant Works Engineer.
On behalf of the Hon. DCE and the DCD, the Assistant Director I made appeal to the Presiding High Court Judge for the usage of the basement of the court by the Assembly for office space for some Departments of the Assembly and consideration of the youths within the district for recruitment.
The Presiding Judge expressed his appreciation over the level of work done on the two facilities and promised to send his report to Her Lordship the Chief Justice of the Republic of Ghana for the commissioning of the facilities.

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